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For more than 90 years Caterpillar Inc. has paved the way for durable, high-quality products built to survive the challenges of challenging environments. This heritage is sturdy in the center of each of our CAT phones and accessories, all of which are designed to compliment the tough lifestyle it bears. Whether it's plowed away on the farm, facing the challenges of working on a construction site or simply leading an active life, we refuse to believe that it is a robust means to make a commitment. That's why our phones combine high-end technology with Android ™ hard military standard credentials, so it's never caught short. With a phone in the CAT's hand you never have to worry about your phone surviving the challenges of rugged life - because they are built to suit your lifestyle.

CAT smartphones and mobile phones

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  • CAT B25
    We present the model of the CAT brand, the B25. DualSIM Mobile so you can separate your personal life from your professional life on the same phone, ideal for those who work in difficult conditions and want an ultra-resistant mobile for any situation as hard as it may be.
    In stock 3 units
  • CAT B30
    If you are looking for a simple, robust and durable mobile, the Cat B30 is your best choice. With IP67 certificate, 2-inch TFT screen with 2 megapixel camera, bluetooth, microUSB, 3G + connectivity and works with a long battery life of 1000mAh.
    In stock 24 units
  • CAT B35 Dual SIM
    The CAT B35 is a Dual SIM smartphone resistant to dust, water and falls with 4G connectivity and battery for up to 30 days on standby.
    In stock 9 units
  • CAT S31 Dual SIM
    The new Caterpillar smartphone is the CAT S31, a rugged and waterproof Dual SIM mobile phone with IP68 certificate, long-life battery of 4000mAh, 2GB of RAM and 16GB of storage.
    In stock 12 units
  • CAT S41 Dual SIM
    The new smartphone from Caterpillar is the CAT S41, a Dual SIM Android mobile super resistant to crashes, submersible and an eternal battery.
    In stock 1 units
  • CAT S60
    The CAT S60 Dual SIM comes with thermal camera is waterproof and resistant to water and dust, withstands bumps and drops. It has 3GB of RAM and 32GB of storage.
    In stock 3 units
  • CAT S61 Dual SIM
    The CAT S61 Dual SIM has some features that will make you hallucinate. From a battery that will seem endless to a hallucinatory resistance.
    In stock 3 units
  • CAT S40
    The CAT S40 has a 4-core processor GHz 1.1, certified IP68 and MIL-STD810G, 8 MP main camera and 4.7 inch screen IPS LCD.
    Out of stock
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